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Men's 5s Vs. Aylesbury - Saturday 28th January 2023

BHC Men's 5s - 2, Aylesbury Development - 4

RAF Halton saw the Famous Fives take on Aylesbury in a top of the league clash.

With the fate of the league at hand, the pressure was on. Banbury came out the gates with purpose, and looking dangerous early on, a team play soon saw Archie Holmes put one away to give Banbury a 1-0 lead.

Soon after, a swift sequence of play down the right hand side saw the ball return to Will Smith at the top of the D. He finished the chance with a lethal hit and put Banbury 2-0 up.

A lead in hand Banbury continued to create chances, but with fresh wind from the bench, Aylesbury introduced their key play makers, and soon the goals came. Aylesbury managed to level the game 2-2 by halftime.

With confidence Banbury returned to the pitch, and with determination they kept pushing forward winning occasional short corners, and keeping things tight at the back. But as time drew on, Aylesbury got ontop of play once again, and two fast goals put them firmly in control 4-2.

I'm afraid dear reader, this is where my personal anecdotes end. In the name of hockey, I heroically took a ball to the face and left for hospital. And so trusty source Lewis Mack informed me of how the rest of the game unfolded. Trying to keep the pressure on Banbury had a handful of missed chances, but kept Aylesbury at bay. The game finished 4-2 putting Aylesbury in control of the league. The Famous Fives may well have to settle for second this season, but with good luck we could get back in it. Well played the Banbury 5's, an unlucky defeat.

Written by Josh Perry

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