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Senior and Junior Membership Subscriptions

At BanburyHC, our membership is now payable with a single, simple monthly subscription which includes access to all club facilities, weekly training and all matches.

Please select from the membership levels below. Once set up, your monthly subscription will be collected automatically each month.

See important Family, Student Over 18 and GK Own Kit information below.

To encourage and support families with multiple family members playing at BanburyHC , a 25% discount is available where there is a minimum of 1 Adult and 1 Junior, or a minimum of 2 Adults. Please enter BHCFAMILY into the ADD PROMOTIONAL CODE field when completing each individual membership subscription that forms the family.


A 25% discount is also available for Students O18 - use code BHC18 .. and for Goalkeepers with own kit - use code BHCGK.

Please see below for more background information on the subscription scheme.

Please forward any questions to

Additional Information


1. New members must complete the Membership Form here. (note - link to SPOND)


2. Memberships runs continually from the date you subscribe for an initial minimum of 12 months and then thereafter until you cancel.


3. In September each year, members have the option of changing their ‘Membership Subscription’ (which can be different from year to year) to best suits their circumstances.


4. The Membership Subscription replaces the previous arrangements where members paid for their hockey through a combination of annual membership and match fees.


5. Each Membership Subscription is derived from the cost of the annual membership and match fees that prevailed in season 2021-2022.


6. Membership fees will be paid by monthly subscription and collected automatically. Any additional match fees will be collect via SPOND.


7. A Joining Fee, waived for existing and net new members or at the discretion of the Committee, will be payable equal to 9 x the monthly subscription for the appropriate membership type.


8. The Club will maintain a record of the games played by each member.

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