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No hockey match can be played without umpires and the club always needs more!


The club needs to encourage more people to take up umpiring while developing our existing umpires and consequently we can offer help and advice to pursue your umpiring dreams as far as you want them to go. We also have close links to the Oxfordshire Hockey Umpires Association (OHUA) who can help.


The annual subscription to OHUA is £10 (free for U23’S). This is paid by the club if you are an active umpire.


Getting qualified

Details of England Hockey Level 1 umpiring courses can be found here

What umpiring can do for you

  • BHC offer a remuneration package for Umpires

  • The chance to help your club

  • Skills to insert on your CV such as communication and leadership

  • As a player, umpiring will improve your knowledge of the game from a different angle

  • Enjoyment of the camaraderie between players and umpires

  • The chance to enhance your knowledge from other umpires

  • Using your skills with a wide range of both age and skill level of player

League Appointments

BHC Men's 1 and 2 have appointed umpires from the South League and Bucks HUA respectively. Our Ladies 1 have appointed umpires from OHUA.

Once you have experience as a Level 1 Umpire, you can step up to appointments. While taking appointments helps out the club, as we have to put umpires into the pool, you will never be forced to take appointments if you don’t want to.

Take a look at for further details or ask any of our umpires that tend to hang around the pitch on match days!!


Club Games

The Umpire Secretary for Banbury will contact you to see if you can umpire the games that are not appointed to.

At present we have a system whereby the home team supplies both umpires, so you will not often be asked to travel. Neither will you be thrust into a game that you are not ready for.


Any questions please contact the Umpire Secretary—the number is on the website here

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