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Ladies 4s Vs. Kidlington 1s - Saturday 5th March 2022

BHC Ladies 4s - 0, Kidlington 1s - 6

It was an early game for the ladies 4’s this week, away at Kidlington. Captain Amanda quickly put one of the 4’s most effective strategies into place - buttering up the umpires! Quickly informing him how nice he was before the game started. Great start, got him on side, this was going to go well.

After a power nap in the car, Kelly put her hangover to one side and donned her keepers kit for her second ever game in goal. After much reluctance to remove hoodies and bobble hats, we all strode onto the pitch with our usual good cheer, excited to try Amanda’s new 4,4,2 formation. We started well and surprised Kidlington, and ourselves (!!) by not conceding a goal for at least 15 minutes! Well done Banbury! We even got an attacking short corner which prompted quite a long planning discussion as we couldn’t remember what to do, so long since we had one. Sadly we didn’t score off it but took great heart in the fact we had got it into their D and got something.

A few ‘Kids’ goals followed but the defence had Tiff tied up well and prevented a great deal more. We all got rather worried when Kelly had to face a penalty flick, where do we stand? What happens here then? After ‘Kids’ players filled us in on how it all works, they took their flick. Kelly saved it but sadly it then dribbled over the line, bit jammy but ‘Kids’ had been practicing them this week at training so they were happy - fair play.

The jelly babies were lovely at halftime and we all told each other how well we were doing, only 5-0 down and some great attacks from Amelie, Callie, Claire, and Tash. We held them off from scoring again until the umpire pointed out, on the 15th defective short we had faced, that we hadn’t conceded a goal in the second half, we then conceded another! Oh well, heads still high we battled on and even had a final attack in the last 2 minutes. First time this season we have wanted the match to last a little bit longer! But the whistle went and the 6-0 defeat was sealed.

Onwards to the pub! Holly successfully parked the truck and we all admired her new rake, we then took great joy in filling our butties with chips that were exactly the right length for the bread. Awesome. After plenty of chat about a team night out we waved ‘Kids’ goodbye, sorry not to see them again next season as they were really nice. Inevitable we will be going down next season, phew! Another fun-filled game, loads of laughter, some brilliant hockey, and most of all, loads of the unique and amazing team spirit that is the reason we all love our team!

Team Captain Amanda said: "We may be going down, but we still have a great team spirit!"

Match Report by Frances Claydon, with full endorsement from the Captain, Amanda.

Photo: Frances Claydon and her "perfectly symmetrical chip butty"!

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