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Ladies 2s Vs. Windsor 1s - Saturday 2nd April - Poem

A hockey match poem by Kelly Bradfield

BHC Ladies 2s - 0, Windsor 1s - 6

Another Saturday morning and in Windsor the ladies 2s were meeting,

Even Fern was ready with the nuggets she was eating.

The match was set to be difficult playing top of the league,

But there was no time for the team to start to fatigue.

However we were unaware of the complicated “Windsor rules”,

So it seemed the umpires made us look like fools.

21 short corners kept our defenders quite busy,

But there was no way it would ever put us in a tizzy.

Millie created shock waves as she picked up the ball,

It was a natural response due to her great fall.

She wasn’t the only one who fell to the ground,

Julia happed to stumble and trip with no one around.

Muqaddas however fell to the ground without a care,

And I told her “Oi you can’t park there!”

The game may have been hard work but as a team, we enjoyed our outing,

And we were thankful for our sideline support, especially Karen’s shouting.

The end score was 6-0 but we definitely gave Windsor a run for their money,

And our walk to find teas happened to be quite funny.

It’s safe to say as a team we have enjoyed this season,

It’s easy to see it’s due to good reason.

As a team, I like to think we are tremendously brilliant!

And as people, you’re lovely, kind, and extremely resilient.

It has been a pleasure to play for this club and all I can say,

Is I will miss you terribly when I move away.

Thank you Banbury hockey club for a wonderful 7 years,

It will soon be time to celebrate and crack open a few beers.

From the whole Ladies 2s team - "Thank you Kelly! We will miss you and make sure you visit us on your university holidays!"

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