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5 Ways to Score More Goals

1. Composure - If you want to score more goals, its vital that you stay composed in the D.

  • Don’t panic!

  • Focus on the technical aspect of scoring the goal, e.g., staying low and agile.

2. Belief – A large part of goal scoring is mindset, if you believe you can do it you will and if you have a more negative approach to trying to score, you won’t be as successful.

  • Be Brave, get stuck in.

  • Don’t be afraid.

  • Believe in yourself and your ability on the pitch.

3. Deception – Don’t be obvious, try changing the way your body is angled or aim for another part of the goal. For example, dropping your shoulder as a dummy, may make the goalkeeper to try and make a save and become unbalanced.

  • Be unpredictable.

  • Remember you are quicker than the GK.

  • There is no need for the shot to be hard, but it needs to be accurate.

4. Avoid Perfectionism – It hasn’t got to be the perfect shot; the key is to get lots of shots at goal.

  • Test the keeper through creativity.

  • Eyes up, look for the space.

5. Always be ready - Never back away from a shot at goal and always been in a goal scoring position.

  • Get a touch on the ball wherever you can.

  • Follow up on rebounds and deflections.

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