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Matt Bull

Role: Chairman

Year Appointed: 2015

Year Joined BHC: ​1980s

Matt's Bio: 

"I have been a member of BHC since before I can remember and whilst there have been a few other clubs along the way, I have always returned to my home club. 

Over the years I have played for all the men's teams and been lucky enough to be part of some very talented squads. I have held various positions within the club, but thankfully for the members, I have never been in charge of the money.

I have been fortunate to gain a great deal from my membership of the club and feel passionate about the role it and other similar community clubs can play in helping people beyond the obvious physical benefits. Social mobility and wellbeing are especially important to me and the older I get, the more obvious it is to me that BHC is far more than just a place to play hockey. 

Role at the Club - As Chairman my main responsibility is to provide oversight and leadership for the various sub-committees. Since 2015, the club has grown significantly and therefore its governance responsibilities have also increased. Recruiting and retaining committed volunteers to the club is always a key objective and we are all extremely fortunate to be a part of a club, which so many caring and generous members.

We have been working hard in recent years to improve our facilities. Unfortunately without land of our own, this is always going to be slow progress. We have managed to see a new pitch and floodlights at NOA and have been working hard with Bloxham School to put in a longer-term plan for the future. Ultimately as our membership continues to grow, we need to be working hard to ensure the future sustainability of the club. 

Above all, we try to ensure the club is a great place to play sport at any level and our priorities remain the same, that is to;

  • produce good people as well as good players

  • serve the community in which we sit."