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These Frequently Asked Questions have been put together to add context around the Club decision to move to SPOND.

1: What is SPOND?
 It is a sport club management software platform that enables clubs like Banbury HC to offer a better experience to its members and to ensure the club operations run as efficiently as possible. 

2: Why SPOND and not another platform?
 It has always been the Club's intention to expand its current membership database (Clubbuzz) to also include team selections, match fee collections, events, etc. We looked at a number of potential solutions, including Clubbuzz, and came to the conclusion that SPOND was the market leader in this space (720k users, 30k teams) and it offers the club all the functionality needed as well as an easy method of interacting via both a phone app and the web.
3: What about WhatsApp? Can we still use this to manages teams, etc.?
 No. Sorry. The use of WhatsApp to manage teams and communicate on behalf of the club is no longer permitted for the following seasons:

- WhatsApp is not GDPR compliant. The relates to privacy and data protection laws that protect our membership. If you require the detailed technical reasons, please contact Gary White. 

- The use of WhatsApp has led to breaches of safeguarding rules.

4. SPOND doesn't work on my phone

Although the primary entry point for SPOND is via its phone app (iPhone and Android), you can also access your SPOND account via the web ( - the web access has more or less the same functionality of the phone app. If you are unable to use your phone for SPOND, your will receive all club communications via email. 


5. What will SPOND be used for?

The plan is use SPOND as the membership system .. to use SPOND for events such as training, matches, cup games, socials, etc. ... to use SPOND for team selections .. and to use SPOND to collect match fees, annuals subs, dinner tickets, etc. Our vision is to make the club paperless and cashless.

5. I still have questions? .. I have a technical problem ... who can I contact?

Please contact Gary White ( or 07971 661 501)

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