Junior Availability

With an ever growing junior section and an increased number of fixtures across the junior teams, we are introducing a Player Availability Tracker (PAT). This will enable our team managers and coaches to plan ahead but more importantly it passes the responsibility to the players for stating which games they can or can’t make.

Player “availability” does not guarantee “selection”. Selection will be conducted based on the “Willing, Ready and Able” criteria and the coach / manager will communicated the proposed team as soon as possible (a minimum of 1 week before the fixture / festival). The time between the initial communication and the Thursday evening before the Sunday fixture / festival will be used to fine tune the team selection as last minutes changes can and often do occur.

The PAT will be the single source of truth so please ensure that it is up to date and where possible provide availability for the season rather than the next match.

As the PAT will be editable by all, please ensure that you only update your row on the tracker. If you do not see your name on the tracker or there is any confusion as to whether a particular player relates to you or not, please contact the coach / manager.

Please note: Only limited information is available on this tracker to protect players, which is in accordance with England Hockey welfare guidelines.

In the event that one team has excess availability and another, older team has  less than the required number of players, players from the younger age group / team maybe asked to “play up”. The coach / manager will discuss this with the player and parents / guardians involved.

Please be aware that fixture details are subject to change and your coach / manager will make you aware of these so that you can update your availability accordingly.

The club has adopted a similar tracker system for its Summer League fixtures and for the management of the Men’s team availability and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We hope the experience is the same for our junior club members. If you do have any feedback please email juniorhockey@banburyhockeyclub.co.uk

Click here to access the Player Availability Tracker (PAT)