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Men's 5s Vs. Berkhamsted & Hemel Hempstead 5s - Saturday 4th February 2023

BHC Men's 5s - 5, Berkhampsted 5s - 0

A return to winning ways today for Tony Buckmaster's Famous Fives! A few returning faces and the weekly reminder of names set Banbury up for some early pressure. Link ups and a foot in the D secured the opening short corner, from which Thomm Russel instantly capitalised. The ball was slipped to him, and a shot rebounded from the keepers pads was finished cleanly to give Banbury a 1-0 lead.

Lewis Macked continued his run of form in the centre of the park, working efficiently with Thomm and after a handful of chances escaped Banbury, Rob Strand found himself darting between defenders to finally execute a classy shot. Or as Olly Brough put it "that's world class Rob."

With a 2-0 lead at half time, the fives were feeling like they could've capitalised on more chances, and carried confidence back onto the field for the second half. It didn't take too long for another goal to come the way of the fives. A ball through from Josh Perry, saw Scott Andrews send it home to put the Fives 3-0 up.

Thanks to the defensive unit of Ady Lamb, Tony Buckmaster and Luke William's the opposition struggled to gain traction at their attacking end, but as the game drew on, the odd shot did slip through. No bother to Morgan, who had a very quite game.

Not satisfied with one goal, Thomm Russel found the back of the net for the second time, being the key man in what was a D --> D phase of play, from Luke to Lewis to Scott to James and finally to Thomm. Described as 'poetry in motion' this certainly was a spectacle in the often 'agricultural' game of 5s hockey. Finally in the dying stages of the game, Jim Chadbourne who had provided crosses in surplus got fed up of noone getting on the end of his passes and pelted a final goal in from the top of the D to conclude the game at 5-0.

This week's game was not short of strong individual performances, and the fives seem to have gelled really well this season. Everyone is playing a strong game of hockey and it is so enjoyable to be a part of. The stand out performance this week did however belong to Thomm Russel. A continued strong hold in the centre, both in defense and distribution, not to mention both goals, were the reasons to award him today's MVP. Congratulations Thomm.

Next week the Famous Fives take on Leighton Buzzard who sit 3rd in the league compared to Banbury in 2nd. An important game for league position, Banbury will hope for a similar performance to todays, to secure the win.

Written by Josh Perry

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