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Men's 3s Vs. Aylesbury 2s - Saturday 26th February 2022

BHC Men's 3s - 0, Aylesbury Men's 2s - 9

After Dipak (MVP) drove up the cricket pitch with the white shirts as Evan led the farmyard warm-up, we were ready.

After a slow start and conceding a short corner in the first 5 min of the game we were off to a rough start. After bourbons and sweets were distributed at halftime we were ready for the second half. It started strong as in the first 15 minutes, neither team was on top. Relentless running from the forwards kept the opposition's full-backs at bay and stopped the distribution and also gave the midfield and defence some breathing space.

Unfortunately, nobody can run forever, even if the M3 team's average age was 20.5 years old compared to Aylesbury's considerably older average (perhaps an average of later 30’s).

By the final whistle, we had managed to keep the score in single figures at 9-0 to Aylesbury.

MVP - Dipak Tandel for remembering the white shirts!!

Match Report Written By M3s Player - Felix Smith

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