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Ladies 2s Vs. South Berkshire 2s - Saturday 26th March 2022 - Poem

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

A hockey match poem by Kelly Bradfield - enjoy!

BHC Ladies 2s - 1, South Berkshire 2s - 0

On our own turf wearing red,

It was important to keep a cool head.

Sasha had a plan put in place,

Work as a team and pass into space.

The match started off tough,

But it was no time to play rough.

Three short corners in a row,

they were no match for our defender Jo.

So it’s time to attack and get a goal,

This is what Fern did before her military roll.

Scores on the board: we’re in the lead by one,

This did not mean that the match had been won.

Julia and Nat both had immense speed on the ball,

Their determination and dedication were witnessed by all.

Karen and Katie ventured out near the opposition's goal,

With an urge to scorekeeping nicely to their defending role ;)

Laurie was on fire and not because of the sun,

When passed the ball on the line she always made the run.

Caitlin and Kelly played in defence just right,

And had a much better performance than at last week's quiz night.

Our centre back Millie was on form,

However in the last 50 seconds cooked up a storm.

An accidental stick tackle gave the opposition a short and left the defence scared,

but a save by Muqaddas meant celebrations were shared.

A special mention to our fab forward Sarah,

It was so good of the 3s to kindly share her.

And Cath Clarke for the teas and the sideline support,

We missed you on the pitch but you are a good sport.

The win was down to great players who together make an even better team,

Now let’s look forward to a win next week… okay a girl can only dream!

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