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Ladies 2s Vs. Milton Keynes 2s - Saturday 5th March 2022

Ladies 2s showcase their best team performance of the season!

BHC Ladies 2s - 0, Milton Keynes 2s - 3

Within the first minute of the game, Banbury took possession of the ball as MK took their first pushback. This looked brilliant as Banbury managed to set a press out of which MK struggled to get out.

As the first half proceeded and after a few unlucky shots from Banbury, MK managed to get down to Banbury’s 25, after Banbury took a short corner, making their way to the goal, having a shot and scoring. 1-0 to MK.

Keeping their heads up high, Banbury restarted the game strongly keeping the ball up in the oppositions half working their socks off to score a goal.

Unfortunately, MK got out of Banbury’s press, running down the sideline and making it to Banbury’s strong line of defence. It wasn’t long until the ball was back at the other end with a few more shots on goal.

Half-time approached, still 1-0 to MK.

Banbury yet again restarted off strongly in the second half of the game, however, this half was slightly different as MK was able to keep possession of the ball on Banbury’s half resulting in another goal. 2-0 to MK.

As the second half advanced, in the last 5 minutes MK won an unlucky set of 3 short corners in a row, scoring and leading to a 3-0 final result. However, this did not stop Banbury from being eager to score a goal in the final 2 minutes and making their way towards the MK goal.

With 8 impressive very close shots on goal, the Banbury Ladies 2’s didn’t give up throughout the game, making it one of the best games they have played this season.

Match Report by Julia Nowak

Ladies 2s Midfielder

Photo: Katie Arnold fighting for the shot on goal

Photo: Laurie Dumbreck setting the transfer

Photo: Millie Bell rocketing the ball up the pitch

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