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Ladies 1s Vs. Wycombe 1s - Saturday 5th October 2022

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

When Things Simply Don’t Go Your Way

Banbury Ladies 1s - 1, Wycombe Ladies 1s - 5

The first 5 mins started in a pretty frenetic fashion and it looked like it could go either way, but soon the game fell into the pattern of Wycombe breaking fast in numbers and attacking the Banbury D and causing them all sorts of problems. The Banbury attack was full of energy and enthusiasm, but the players regularly found themselves in isolation and found it difficult to get the ball beyond the Wycombe back line and gilt edged chances were proving difficult to come by. There were many, many stick tackles flying around throughout this game and these were definitely frustrating our ladies and as a result made it difficult for them to get going.

Wycombe had a couple of shorts in the first 20 mins and on 25mins they attacked at pace and

Banbury couldn’t clear, and it was 1-0 Wycombe. Libby Haden did win Banbury a short soon after, but it was cleared, and on 27 mins, Wycombe sped through the Banbury lines and it was 2-0 Wycombe. The opposition continued to press and won a flick at the end of the half and Sammy

Bates could do nothing about it, and it was 3-0 at half time.

Banbury weren’t giving up and everyone was giving their all, and the team tried time after time to penetrate the Wycombe defence, but they were well drilled and held firm. Zoe Young, Tash Roberts, Vic Coombes & Libby Haden all tried to find their way through, and round, the Wycombe line, but it was hard going with little reward. 10 mins into the 2 nd half, after another Wycombe short, they found the back of the Banbury net; 4-0 Wycombe. The match was getting very messy and at one point Wycombe had 3 players off the pitch and Banbury 1; during this time a 2nd Banbury short won by Libby Haden was well executed and Pagey reverse stick’d it into the net; 4-1. However, despite the home team playing with heart and determination, Wycombe continued their relentless attacks and after some more short corners which Banbury defended well, 5 mins from the end Wycombe got their 5th and final goal. 5-1 Wycombe.

“We held our own at the start which was a positive, but we need to find ways to penetrate teams

who are well drilled, pacey and accurate. The game was not an enjoyable one for our players and

they found it difficult to get into any kind of rhythm, but fair play to them all, no one lost heart or

gave in and they all tried to the very end of the game, however things didn’t go their way today.”

MVP– Banbury all played as a team and everyone found it tricky, and this is reflected in the MVP

vote being spread across many players. 3 received equal most votes, so congratulations to our

Goalie, Sammy Bates, and two of our midfielders Pip Jones and Zoe Young.

Bryce Wilkinson

Ladies 1s Manager 05/11/22

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