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Ladies 1s Vs. Lymington 1s - Saturday 20 November 2021

The one that got away?

BHC Ladies 1s - 2, Lymington 1s - 2

It was new opposition today, but due to good availability in the Banbury team, confidence was high despite the unknown. Lymington only traveled with 11 players, so would Banbury be able to take advantage of the extra legs?

Banbury started well and immediately attacked the Lymington D, and things looked positive. After 5 mins, Banbury earned a Short Corner and despite it being well worked, it was blocked and nothing came of it. Further Banbury attacks followed, most notably a lovely dribble and shot on goal by Jecca Tetley, but the Lymington defence held firm. It wasn’t going to be all Banbury though and clearly, Lymington was dangerous on the attack, and after 10 minutes, they earned a Short of their own. The first was brilliantly saved by Muqaddas, but they got another short and another go. In all, they had 3 attempts at goal, but Muqaddas and the defence kept them all out.

On the whole, though, Banbury was playing good stuff, and after 16 mins, Libby raced upfield and linked well with Tash, who shot past the Lymington Goalie – One Nil Banbury.

However, the lead wasn’t to last long, as a couple of minutes later, Lymington broke quickly, leaving the defence exposed and despite Molly racing back as fast as she could, Lymington stroked the ball into the goal – One all!

The game was end to end and after 21 minutes, Charlotte earned another Short for Banbury, which despite being well worked, was blasted over. Back and forth went the ball, with chances on both sides; Tash making a lovely break after 25 mins, but just shooting wide. Jecca won Banbury another Short on 26 mins and despite the initial shot not being on target, there was a bit of a melee in the D, and Tash was on hand to lift over the defending sticks, and into the net – two one Banbury! After that goal, it was thought that Banbury would go on to score more, but Lymington was having none of it. The last 6 or 7 minutes of the half saw Lymington send wave after wave of attack at the Banbury goal. 31 mins in, saw another great save by Muqaddas, 33 mins in needed Evie to stop a fast Lymington break, but the defence was being stretched and was exposed. In the last couple of minutes of the half, Lymington won a short, and despite the shot heading for goal, Muqaddas kept it out. Back went Banbury, with Libby winning yet another short for Banbury, but this didn’t work out and the teams went into the halftime break.

Banbury started the second half strongly and Jecca made a lovely break straight from the off but the Lymington defence held firm. Hannah managed to get a reverse stick shot on target after 3 mins, but their goalie saved. 5 mins in saw Libby and Tash in the Lymington D, but their goalie kept the ball out. After 7 mins we saw Tash dribbling upfield and all the way into the D; she was stick tackled and earned a short as a result. Unfortunately, nothing came from it. A minute later though saw Lymington break and attack the Banbury goal, earning a short, but this was well defended and the score remained the same. The next 10 minutes was end-to-end stuff but it was Lymington, who 16 mins into the half broke fast, and the ball was not cleared, and Lymington fired it into the net - two all! Despite Banbury having the best of the game, it was clear that Lymington was not tiring, was able to break at pace, and we're always going to be a danger. The game could go either way.

The last 15 minutes of the game saw Banbury move the ball well and with breaks from Libby and Tash another Banbury goal looked likely. However, Libby was carded on 57 mins, but this didn’t stop the Banbury charge with Tash winning another Short. However, unlike last week, when we scored well from our shorts, nothing came from this one again. Banbury got yet another short, but the ball remained out of the net. Would Banbury find another goal?

Seven minutes from the end, Lymington again broke fast and the Banbury defence was exposed, but fortunately, Evie got her stick down and stopped the attack, but again the danger was obvious. You could sense that Lymington felt a win was on the cards and they pressed hard, winning a short, which was fortunately defended well by Banbury. Banbury looked nervous! Up the other end went the play, with Maddie dribbling past a number of players, but couldn’t get the ball away and Lymington fouled. Not going 5, was enough to give Banbury a last short before the final whistle. Was this it? No! Unfortunately, it was not their best attempt, and the ball was easily cleared by Lymington. Two all full-time!

On the balance of play, Banbury could, and should, have won this game, but at the same time,

Lymington is clearly a dangerous team. A point is better than none, but the team is keen to get

back to winning ways and to turn possession into wins. There’s always next week….

MVP– the award goes to Jecca Tetley who worked tirelessly up and down the pitch.

Bryce Wilkinson

Ladies 1s Manager 20/11/21

Photo: Zoe and Jecca ready for the out pass

Photo: Zoe tearing it up the pitch with Maddy ready for the one-two

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