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Ladies 1s Vs. Haslemere 1s - Saturday 28th January 2023

Haslemere had won comfortably at home against our ladies; can we turn the tables today?

BHC Ladies 1s - 3, Haslemere 1s - 3

The first few minutes saw Haslemere on the offensive. The had clearly brought their A team as they tore at the Banbury defence determined to get off to a good start. However, the home team

weathered the storm and after 10 mins, an incredible long pass from Abbie Stevens found Molly

McCusker, who passed the ball to Tash Roberts who was waiting in the D, and she calmly lifted it

into the net; 1-0 Banbury. This didn’t deter Haslemere and they continued to press winning the first of their many shorts after 13 mins and it was only a couple mins afterwards that they found the back of the net; 1-1.

Back came Banbury with Libby Haden winning the home team a short just a minute later, Vic “Pagey” Coombs dragged the ball beautifully into the net; 2-1 Banbury. It was frenetic end to end stuff with Haslemere earning another short on 16 mins, which was defended well, but further pressure led them to equalising shortly after. In the last 10 mins of the half both teams has

opportunities to score, but it took until 34 mins in before the next goal. “Pagey” dribbled past a

number of the opposition and found Tash Roberts who bundled the ball in; 3-2 Banbury at half time.

Haslemere started the second half as they had done the first and pressed Banbury hard. They were moving and dribbling the ball with skill and pace and after winning 2 short corners one after the other, the umpires awarded them a penalty flick believing the ball was stopped goal bound by a defenders foot and Haslemere slotted this away; 3-3 after 7 mins. The remainder of the game saw both teams attacking, and both teams had great chances to score, but the defences stood firm with the Banbury goalie, Sammy Bates, in particular, heroically keeping numerous goal bound shots out.

Tash Roberts beat half the Haslemere team and was fouled numerous times, but the umpires played the advantage, which eventually saw Tash get her shot off which rocketed off the post – and back out again. There were a few cards to players from both teams as the clock wound down and both teams had shorts near the end and opportunities to win. Despite Haslemere having most of the ball for the last couple of minutes, the Banbury defence stood firm and the game ended (probably fairly) in a draw.

MVP – Sammy Bates for all the fine saves she made was the overwhelming choice.  

“This was a very frenetic and high energy game. Haslemere had brought a very good team to

Banbury today and our ladies were a match for them. They should be very pleased with their play and how things went. For sure, we could have won the game, but we could easily have lost, so the draw was fair and a good point for us against a very good team. Another match tomorrow, if we can play in the same fashion, we stand a could chance of taking something from it”.

Bryce Wilkinson

Ladies 1s Manager 28/01/23

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