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Ladies 1s Vs. Haslemere 1s - Saturday 15th October 2022

A hard day at the office

BHC Ladies 1s - 1, Haslemere Ladies 1s - 5

It was a lovely autumn day, in stark contrast to last year when the teams played in the middle of

Storm Arwen. Would it be a stormy game?

Haslemere started strongly and within a minute were on the attack, and unfortunately, like last week, Banbury stood off and let them come forward too readily, and before anyone could catch

their breath, the ball was in the net; 1 – 0 to Haslemere. A very disappointing start!

The home team were passing the ball about beautifully and were looking very dangerous. When

Banbury did get the ball, they found it difficult to move up the field due to a very effective press

from Haslemere. Banbury did manage a few breaks, but didn’t really threaten the Haslemere goal and for the best part of the first half. On 24 mins, Haslemere earned themselves a short and

unfortunately Banbury were unable to keep them at bay and it was 2- 0 Haslemere. Banbury were still having difficulty with the Haslemere press and were once again on the receiving end of another Haslemere attack and a couple of minutes later, it was 3. Despite the occasional foray into the Haslemere half, Banbury were under the cosh in the first half and the ladies went into the break 3 – 0 down.

However, the Banbury ladies were not despondent and came out in the second half fired up and

determined to turn things around. Within 4 mins Banbury earned themselves a short, which was

well taken, but the Haslemere goalie saved. This was better, and Banbury were now giving a better account of themselves and were playing with more confidence, but unfortunately it was Haslemere, who scored a 4th on 45 mins. Banbury nonetheless still stuck at it, and Zoe Young, Vic (Pagey) Coombs, Libby Haden, Molly McCusker and Jaz Bixley were all now finding space and creating some chances, but they were only half chances and very difficult to convert. Haslemere had a few more shorts, which Banbury defended well and with 10 mins to go, after a break up field by Libby, Haslemere had a player carded and Banbury earned a short as a result. This was defended well by Haslemere but this extra player did give Banbury the edge for a time. On 62 mins Banbury earned another short, which Haslemere defended, but did not clear and Evie Wilkinson pushed the ball back into the danger area and beyond the keeper, which then saw Vic Coombs and Charlie Page lining up to put it in – Vic “Pagey” did the necessary and Banbury got on the score board. This was a well deserved reward for all the effort and application shown by the visitors in the second half. Despite not dominating the end period, Haslemere still managed to earn another short a few mins from the end, and although Banbury initially defended it well, it was not fully cleared and the home team got their 5th and final goal. Final score Haslemere 5 Banbury 1.

“I think Banbury played with great enthusiasm and determination and never lost heart, but met an excellent, well drilled outfit. Just like last season, It was always going to be a tough ask to match such a good team away from home; I do think many teams have better results at home, but those teams may not travel so well and we will certainly look forward to playing Haslemere at home after the New Year. Therefore, despite this setback, I still think that the Banbury ladies can do well in the league, but we absolutely do need to start better, and be more aggressive and organised from the off. Our next game is at home which we need to win to get back on track. We can do it!!”

MVP– Despite the team conceding 5 goals, it could have been many more if it wasn’t for our

excellent goalie, Sammy Bates, who deservedly earned the MVP vote from her team mates. 

Bryce Wilkinson

Ladies 1s Manager 15/10/22

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