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Ladies 1s Vs. Basingstoke 1s - Saturday 1st October 2022

How did that one get away?

BHC Ladies 1s - 0, Basingstoke 1s - 1

We had a few regulars missing today, but still travelled to Basingstoke with a strong team and

buoyed by the good win from last week. Last year this fixture was played in a storm with constant freezing rain, but todays weather was a complete contrast fortunately.

The first 5 minutes saw Basingstoke have the bulk of the ball and were readily threatening the Banbury D, but to be honest Banbury coped well with what was coming it’s way. A number of Basingstoke Shorts were awarded, but nothing came from them, but Banbury were struggling to put anything of note together. It was somewhat of a “bitty” game with no clear cut chances and most of the game was being played in the middle of the park. Another Basingstoke short on 19 mins saw the ball move out of the D and then a speculative shot was fired back in, which went into the goal off a defender stick. However, it seemed that the umpires saw a slight touch on an attackers stick and the goal was allowed to stand. This did galvanise Banbury and the remaining 15 mins was end to end stuff with a number of shorts to both teams, and during this time Banbury had the better of it, but just couldn’t find the net, and so the score remained the same at half time.

The second half saw Banbury pressing from the off and Basingstoke hardly saw any of the ball at all for the first 5 mins. Banbury continued to dominate and looked dangerous and well capable of getting the equaliser. A number of shorts followed, but the Basingstoke defence and their excellent goalie stood firm. It really was all Banbury in this half and they pushed forward at will, but despite having a number of good chances, they weren’t able to find the back of the net. It took until 21 minutes into the second half before Basingstoke found their way into the Banbury D, but this came to nothing. A couple of minutes later, after some great work by Libby Haden, Banbury had a short, which was well worked and it seemed that Banbury had finally beat the goalie and the ball was goal bound only to be stopped by a Basingstoke foot. A flick surely, but no, the umpires thought another defender would have kept it out, so Banbury only got a further short, and the attack came to nothing. The final few minutes saw many stick tackles (which had been prevalent all game if truth be told) and the teams were 10 v 10 for a time, but despite it continuing to be all Banbury, the pressure didn’t convert to goals and the final whistle went with it remaining 1-0 to Basingstoke.

MVP – A number of players excelled, but Harriet Boland received the most nominations (4)

“Over the piece, Banbury were by far the better team and contained Basingstoke very well, but

weren’t as clinical in the D as they needed to be and didn’t really have the rub of the green either.

I think we definitely left points out on the pitch, which is disappointing, but there is the chance

next week to bounce back against Alton, one of the teams who were promoted last season.

Nothing I saw today makes me think that Banbury shouldn’t still do well this season.”

Bryce Wilkinson

Ladies 1s Manager 01/10/22

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