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Marketing and Communications Officer
Katie Arnold - 2019 (1).jpg
Katie Garrard

Role: Marketing and Communications Officer

Year Appointed: 2020

Year Joined BHC: ​2016

Katie's Bio: 

"I have played for Banbury HC since 2016, when I first moved to Banbury for work. Before this, I played for my local team back in Broxbourne and my university team at Warwick. I have been playing hockey since I was 14 and have loved the game ever since that first taster in school.


Since being at BHC, I have learnt that the club is full of welcoming, friendly and lovely people. Even though I have not grown up in the club, I quickly felt like a part of the team and that is thanks to those who run it. This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to get involved and help out where I can; to make sure that other newcomers felt the way that I did and really come to love the club.


This brings me on to my role of Marketing and Communications which I started with the club in September 2020. The way to make people feel included and well informed is through effective communication. I have been doing the marketing for my family lawn care company TopGrass since 2014, alongside undertaking a Masters in Marketing part time while working full time for the company. I gained this qualification in 2017. I am passionate about the subject and am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of learning the finer nuances between marketing and communications for a hockey club compared to a company. I am very excited for the ideas and opportunities that the club has for improvement and I am very much looking forward to working with the rest of the committee, as well as the wider club members, to make these ideas come to fruition"

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