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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Welcome to BHC's Annual General Meeting information page.


Why hold an AGM?

The club holds an AGM each year at the end of the hockey season (April) to present the annual reports and vote in a new committee for the coming season. In addition to this, further non-committee volunteer positions are discussed as the club's continued success is reliant upon a fantastic team of volunteers to keep the club going. 

Why should I attend the AGM?

The club's AGM is the most important event of the year as it decides the future running of the club. Firstly, it is so important that as a club member you have your say on how the club is run year on year. Secondly, and most importantly, in order to keep our club running well, we must give back to it through volunteering our time. Over the years, the club has been run by and prospered with an amazing team of volunteers and it is vital that this continues so that we can all carry on enjoying the BHC we all know and love! No matter the amount of time you can spare, whether it is a large amount a week or a very small amount, we have volunteer positions that you can help with! You can either run for a committee position and be voted in, or you can go for a non-committee position. Check out the list below for the full details!

Please find below a list of the items that appear on this page. Please click the links to go directly to that section.

Committee and Non-Committee Positions and VACANCIES - 2022

How do I run for a committee position?

Any club member can run for a committee position. To do this, all you need to do is let the current Chairperson know that you are interested in a certain position prior to the AGM and you will then need to be nominated to run by at least two other club members. If no club members have put themselves forward for a position, then nominations are taken from the floor at the AGM itself.

How do I become a committee member?

In order to become a committee member, once you have put yourself forward and been nominated, you just will need to be voted in at the AGM. It really is as simple as that!

How do I run for a non-committee position?

If you can believe it, this process is even simpler than running for a committee position! All you need to do is let the Chairperson, or another committee member, know that you are interested. If there are several people interested in the same position, then the final decision will be down to the committee.

The positions (all committee positions are in bold, non-committee positions are not):

  • Chairperson - VACANT

    • Responsibilities: Oversee the committee, attend and chair meetings, oversee projects

  • Vice-Chairperson - VACANT

    • ​Responsibilities: ​support the chairperson, attend meetings, kick-off specific projects related to the club

  • Club Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Assistant Treasurer - VACANT

    • Responsibilities:  to support treasurer in the collection of fees, identify opportunities for public sector funding

  • Welfare and Safeguarding Officers X2

    • Responsibilities: ensuring regulatory compliance, supporting the rest of the welfare team, production of monthly safeguarding welfare report, working alongside the other welfare officer.

  • Kit Officer 

    • Responsibilities: Liaise with kit supplier, ensure that the club has consistency in its brand, making sure coaches and teams and have appropriate equipment for play.

  • Facilities Manager

  • Ladies Club Captain

    • Responsibilities: have oversight of all Ladies teams, provide support to team captains, seek to provide consistency of experience across the club.

  • Men's Club Captain

    • Responsibilities: have oversight of all men's teams, provide support to team captains, seek to provide consistency of experience across the club.

  • Head of Coaching

    • Responsibilities: someone in charge of all the coaches, to continue with continuous coach development work

  • Fixture Secretary

  • Junior Chairperson

    • Responsibilities: oversee the junior committee, represent the club on the junior committee, line manage the junior coordinator, assemble a festival organising committee, attend regular committee meetings

  • Junior Secretary - VACANT

    • Responsibilities: administration support for the junior committee, attend committee meetings, keep abreast of England Hockey information administration

  • Junior Fixtures Secretary - VACANT

    • Responsibilities: organising fixtures for the junior section, attend committee meetings

  • Head of Sponsorship

    • Responsibilities: identifying and attracting additional revenue to the club.

  • Membership Secretary - VACANT

  • Social Secretary - VACANT

    • Responsibilities: To organise all social events during the hockey season for the club, attend occasional committee meetings to report on social events

  • Social Committee Members X2 - VACANT

    • Responsibilities: To support the Social Secretary in organising social events for the club

  • Umpires and Disciplinary Officer​​​​

  • Head of Volunteers - VACANT

    • Responsibilities: spending 1st year identifying volunteering roles for the club, to create a strategy for engagement, retention, rewarding, and allocation of volunteers.

Commitee Positions
Committee Structures
Committee Structures

The club has the following set up for the main central committee and sub-committees:

  • BHC Central Committee 

    • Consists of all roles from the list in bold above​

  • BHC Management Committee

    • Consists of; Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary​

  • BHC Playing Committee

    • Consists of; Ladies Club Captain, Men's Club Captain, 1 further representative from both sections, Umpire Secretary, Head of Coaching Development, Team Captains​

  • BHC Junior Committee

    • Consists of; Junior Chairperson, Junior Fixture Secretary, Junior Secretary, Junior Coordinator​

  • BHC Safeguarding Committee

    • Consists of; Chairperson, Junior Chairperson, Welfare Officers, Independent candidate​

Annual Reports

Each committee member writes up an annual report that must be published prior to the AGM and distributed to all members. These reports outline the successes and challenges of the past season within that committee/non-committee member's area.

Please click the links below to download and read the annual reports for the 2021/2022 season:

Annual Reports
Previous Year's AGM Minutes

Before every AGM, the previous year's minutes are published for club members to read. 

Please click on the link below to access the previous AGM minutes:

Previous Year's AGM Minutes
AGM Agenda

Please find the AGM Agenda by clicking the link below:

AGM Agenda
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