Welcome to our new website

Hi all and welcome to the News section of the brand spanking new club website.
This section is dedicated to any exciting, interesting, entertaining, new, engaging, and enthralling club orientated news……note the aforementioned criteria. So this rules out: Dull, irrelevant, old, boring, and overly intellectual.

To help you here’s an example of the former:
“I’ve just found out I’m having quadruplets and the scan shows them as being 2 boys and 2 girls and they all seem to be holding hockey sticks so that looks positive for the future of the club!”

And here’s an example of the latter:
“Nationalisation of the rail industry has some pros and some cons according to what fiscal and social mobility model you believe in….”

If you find the former interesting then you’re a welcome contributor to this section of our wonderful new website… whereas if you find your juices flowing as a result of the latter example then please consider taking up train spotting or Morris Dancing where you’ll be made to feel most welcome.

Anyway – now you know what we’re expecting please send your news in ! Remember the criteria – no pressure then!!

Andy Camp
Head of Communications