The Best Chat Up Line in the World – Brought to You by Victorious Piranhas 

  • October 26, 2014

MBBO Div 8
Piranhas – 2 Bracknell Men’s 3s – 0

If you’d have been studious and keen to expand your minds then having read my tantalisingly entertaining reports last year you’d have learnt that Bracknell town had the first roundabouts in Britain – still, in my book, one of the most effective chat up lines a man can ever deploy. When it comes to impressing that discerning lady who looks for a man about town – then “roundabout knowledge” is dynamite. “Well Jel” so I am told….

Well the Piranhas were back (with prodigal piranha sons – Chris Atkins and Ash Laverick returning to the Hockey Academy) and the team returned to their sublime pass and move hockey this week gainst a solid Bracknell men’s 3 team who fought hard and pushed the Piranhas hard.

The first 15 minutes was all Piranhas who worked the ball well running roundabouts round the opposition through Charlie Camp and Harry Simons on the flanks leading to a string of short corners where Joe Whinmill and Mervyn Long were unlucky not to score. But finally a great short corner injection from Harry Simons, a clinical stop and switch pass from Charlie Camp to Ashley Laverick who hammered the ball into the net giving the Piranhas the early lead they deserved.

The Piranhas pushed hard for a second with Sam Bracke, Thomas Allman and Harry Simons all testing the keeper. Bracknell worked hard but Andy Camp, Matt Allman, Finley McEvoy and Chris Atkins soaked up the pressure well leaving Ross Gilkes in goal with little to do.  The second goal was a peach from yet another short corner expertly injected by Harry Simons, stopped and switched by Charlie Camp to Adrian Simons who slipped the ball to Whinmill to hammer the ball into the backboard.

The half finished with the Piranhas 2-0 up and looking sharp. The second half started though with the Piranhas still stuck on a Bracknell roundabout and Bracknell attacking well from loose Piranha passing and putting Ross Gilkes under pressure – but Gilkes executed some great saves and with Camp, Allman and Atkins managed to weather the storm.

Then the Piranhas responded well through Adrian Simons, Finley McEvoy and Ash Laverick who provided a great platform for Charlie Camp, Harry Simons, and Sam Bracke to attack well down the flanks creating havoc in the Bracknell defence. Charlie Camp and Sam Bracke having their shots cleared off the line and Camp’s reverse stick strike being denied by a great top left save by the Bracknell keeper. The Piranhas could have had more but for the brave brave Bracknell defence who kept a clean second half sheet to see the game out.

So the Piranhas remain top of the league and had the luxury of savouring the Bracknell Roundabout Extravaganza on the way home – honing their dead cert chat up lines for the discerning ladies of Banbury town…