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Rudolph’s Not Very Well

Piranhas 2 West Hampstead 0 Allman had been busy cooking up his festive roadkill offering for the hardened Londoners of West Hampstead to savour. He'd been busy decimating the local robin population for his Festive Robin Pie and Captain Camp had made a significant contribution to the festive teas  (to match the significant damage to his car) by ... More

The Flag was Down but the Pole’s Still Up Missus !

Banbury Piranhas 5 Windsor 1 Well Liz was out as she'd left the flag down at the Castle - no doubt she'd nipped out for a crafty Christmas shop whilst Phil was off down the pub for the afternoon. There was a pre Christmas extravaganza sale on at SovereignLand  in Windsor (Windsor's version of PoundLand), and Liz was determined to make the most of the ... More

Came the Lame Game in Thame with only us to Blame

MBBO Div 8 Piranhas 1 Thame 1 Piranhas 1 Thame 1 This Piranha performance was dedicated in honour of those that have devoted their lives to the International Barn Door Protection Society (searching out vulnerable Barn Doors across our cruel and unforgiving world and putting their lives at risk so that Barn Doors don't have to suffer the pain and ... More