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The Sweet taste of 7-Up despite a Camp Conference

Newbury & Thatcham 5's - 1  Banbury 4's - 7 Little did one our ex-Piranhas (Banburys HC’s very own Hook Norton Hitman) Ed Lewis know, that he unknowingly set the tone for the match as he rocked up to NOA clutching the remains of his McDonalds Breakfast. Having been one of the casualties of war from our last away encounter with Newbury & ... More

Finding the Positives

Banbury 4s - 1 Wootton 1s - 9  Trump is good at finding positives in negative situations where finding a positive is like looking for a tin of Tesco “Everyday Value” baked beans in Jacob Rees-Mogg’s larder......Trump tends to rely on “alternative truth” (which is sort of lying) but that’s stretching it for Saturday’s game. Wootton 1st ... More

Banbury 4s More Drawers than on Old Mrs Brown’s Washing Line……ooo errr Missus !!

I know drawers should be spelt draws but I have to revert to the old term for knickers as how do you make 4 draws in a row interesting as a headline?!?! Banbury 4s arrived at the picturesque market town of Amersham (Amersham & Chalfont HC....don’t you know) where the locals have a genetic mutation of having a sliver spoon growing in their mouths ... More

Tenacious Tourette’s Tainted Thame Twos Teeter, Toil and Test Banbury 4s

Banbury 4s - 1 Thame 2s - 1  It’s Thame - so you’re going to get a mix and style of hockey that’s reminiscent of a fusion of the Tourette’s Society Morris Dancing Club and Rural Cage Fighting - stick tackling and four letter infused banter being their forte. Plus it was about time I got hit again as it was 6 years ago a Thame player created a ... More

Banbury Boys Paint a Masterpiece at Van Dyke School

Banbury 4s - 2 Leighton Buzzard 3s - 2 It was Van Dyke School, Leighton Buzzard (LB) in the grey cold drizzle but the hockey played by Banbury in the second half would’ve made Van Dyck (the 16th century painter) blush. The LBHC pitch is actually at Van Dyke School - but the only Van Dyke I know is Dick van Dyke (the world’s worst cockney of Mary ... More

Mens Bulletin – please read

Gentlemen of Banbury Hockey Club, Over the last 3 weeks the club has been short of players to fill five teams effectively. The club's sense is that this is due to: 1. Injury 2. Members choosing which team they wish to play in 3. More general unavailability The club can achieve the men's 1's competing at the top of the South League, A men's ... More

Umpiring Course @NOA 11th December 2016

Banbury Hockey Club are hosting a Level 1 Umpires course at NOA as detailed below. Without umpires, the matches cannot take place and with the increased number of matches taking place, we need more people coming forward to help umpire. All players are required to have an understanding of the rules and at least one person from each team should be capable to ... More