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Banbury Ladies’ 1st 4 v Brighton Ladies’ 1st 5

NOA, 19th March 2016 Banbury Ladies' 1st team were determined to finish a solid season with a win against Brighton to right the wrongs of the last meeting. Banbury have excellent home form and were feeling confident from the off. The girls started strong and Brighton could not prevent Banbury from breaking through the deadlock with some excellent ... More

Banbury Mens 1st 8, London Wayfarers 1

NOA, 13th March 2016 Putting 2 weeks of disappointment behind them, Banbury stormed their way into the home fixture against London Wayfarers and ran our 8 – 1 victors to secure their position in the League. The home side started as they did last week against local rivals Oxford Hawks but with the important difference that, this week, the chances ... More

The Miracle of Brent Cross

West Hampstead 2, Banbury Piranhas 2 13th March 2016 New shrines will be constructed and consecrated after a week of miracles occurred from Banbury to Brent Cross. The first miracle was the fact the Piranhas fielded a team against a strong West Hampstead team who's age range varied between 25 and 35, whereas the piranhas ranged between 14 and ... More

Everybody get up singing 1,2,3,4, Five will make you get down now

Blazing Banbury Breeze through Bicester with a Fab Five-Goal Flourish Bicester Ladies 2s 1, Banbury Ladies 3s 5 5th March 2016, Cooper School, Bicester Another great week for Banbury Ladies 3s away from home against local rivals Bicester.  Still hot on the heels of Hawks, Banbury have kept up the momentum with another 3 points. Banbury were ... More

Queen Liz Blushes as Windsor Swop Old Etonian for East End Expletives

Banbury Piranhas 0, Windsor 3 NOA, 5th March 2016 The home of British decency and etiquette came to Banbury on Saturday, but instead of silver spoons and Eton etiquette, our youngsters got some handy east end terms mainly just involving the 3rd and 6th letters of the alphabet.  It was a different Windsor mens 2s from the ones we beat before Christmas ... More

Have You Ever Had Your Stick Tickled?

Abingdon 3, Banbury Piranhas 0 Was it the sound of a flock of woodpeckers or the international knitting convention?  No it was the Piranhas having their sticks tickled for 70 mins - well apart from the two who got carded for complaining, but on the positive side, their sticks had a 5 minute respite. Ken Dodd would've made Abingdon a shrine had he ... More

I bet you can’t put a fruit pastel in your mouth without chewing it!

Banbury Ladies 3's 1 v Oxford Hawks Ladies 5's 1        NOA 27/02/2016 Banbury Battle Bravely as Hawks Hover Over Head Perfectly Poised in Prestigious Promotion Position… Banbury Ladies 3s donned their war paint and belted out their rallying cry … 3 – 2 – 1 – Banbury!  Okay, not quite the hacker, not even particularly original, but ... More

Banbury Ladies 1st 2, Epsom Ladies 1st 5

Banbury arrived at Epsom’s pitch with their sights set on beating the opposition as they had in their previous encounter against the Surrey side. Despite Sadie Lapper (Banbury’s player-coach) being absent and Banbury’s prior track record of playing away, the team were confident and determined to secure a win.   Finding it difficult to adapt to the ... More

U14 Boys Development League Triangular Match 28/02/2016

On Sunday 28th February Banbury hosted a 7-a-side boys under 14 league match, with visiting sides Old Silhillians and Hampton-in-Arden travelling to the NOA to play. With our regular keeper, Aiden Slark, out with a wrist injury, James Marshall bravely donned the kit and had a fantastic game, making many impressive saves. The rest of our squad consisted ... More

Banbury Ladies 3s 3 v 2 Marlow Ladies 3s

Bloxham, 20th February This week saw an epic victory for Banbury Ladies 3s as they took on top of the table Marlow, who had only dropped 3 points all season.  Marlow started strongly and took the lead just 10 minutes in to the first half, however a spirited Banbury played united as a team to create an equaliser from a short corner, as Hailey Mitchell ... More