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The Sweet taste of 7-Up despite a Camp Conference

Newbury & Thatcham 5's - 1  Banbury 4's - 7 Little did one our ex-Piranhas (Banburys HC’s very own Hook Norton Hitman) Ed Lewis know, that he unknowingly set the tone for the match as he rocked up to NOA clutching the remains of his McDonalds Breakfast. Having been one of the casualties of war from our last away encounter with Newbury & ... More

Finding the Positives

Banbury 4s - 1 Wootton 1s - 9  Trump is good at finding positives in negative situations where finding a positive is like looking for a tin of Tesco “Everyday Value” baked beans in Jacob Rees-Mogg’s larder......Trump tends to rely on “alternative truth” (which is sort of lying) but that’s stretching it for Saturday’s game. Wootton 1st ... More

Banbury 4s More Drawers than on Old Mrs Brown’s Washing Line……ooo errr Missus !!

I know drawers should be spelt draws but I have to revert to the old term for knickers as how do you make 4 draws in a row interesting as a headline?!?! Banbury 4s arrived at the picturesque market town of Amersham (Amersham & Chalfont HC....don’t you know) where the locals have a genetic mutation of having a sliver spoon growing in their mouths ... More

Tenacious Tourette’s Tainted Thame Twos Teeter, Toil and Test Banbury 4s

Banbury 4s - 1 Thame 2s - 1  It’s Thame - so you’re going to get a mix and style of hockey that’s reminiscent of a fusion of the Tourette’s Society Morris Dancing Club and Rural Cage Fighting - stick tackling and four letter infused banter being their forte. Plus it was about time I got hit again as it was 6 years ago a Thame player created a ... More

Banbury Boys Paint a Masterpiece at Van Dyke School

Banbury 4s - 2 Leighton Buzzard 3s - 2 It was Van Dyke School, Leighton Buzzard (LB) in the grey cold drizzle but the hockey played by Banbury in the second half would’ve made Van Dyck (the 16th century painter) blush. The LBHC pitch is actually at Van Dyke School - but the only Van Dyke I know is Dick van Dyke (the world’s worst cockney of Mary ... More

Piranhas Victory Marred by Hurty Finger and Britto Post Match Disappearance

Slough 3’s  1 Banbury Piranhas 3 One of this seasons youngest Piranhas sides traveled down to play a Slough side sitting third in the table. Although the team were buoyant with a victory in their last match, the lads knew that this would be a tough game especially with Bull Dozer Bailey (one of the few seniors in the side) left stranded in Towcester ... More

Piranhas Blister Bicester

MBBO Div 7 Bicester III v Banbury Piranhas Bicester 1 Banbury 5 The heat was on for this proverbial relegation  6 pointer as the Piranhas visited Chris Paige’s (aka the Scythe) Bicester III’s. The Piranhas started very well moving the ball quickly and scored with their first attack following a nice move and reverse stick flick by Lee Allen. ... More

Narrow loss by Piranhas against N&T

Newbury and Thatcham 4’s - 1 Banbury Piranhas – 0        This week the Piranhas were against top of the table Newbury & Thatcham 4’s who had scored 26 goals in their last two games so Banbury knew they were in for a tough match. The Piranhas fielded a slightly changed formation ensuring strength down the middle knowing Newbury and Thatcham ... More

Dynamic Duo grab points for Piranhas

Banbury Piranhas - 2 Bicester 3’s - 0 The Piranhas side certainly had a different feel about it this week as 5 of the regular Piranhas along with Captain Allman had been sent to West Hampstead to play for Banbury 3's. Please don’t confuse West Hampstead with Coventry as the “lended” Piranha players certainly enjoyed the match and their time at the ... More

Veteran Ralph kicks starts Piranha Victory

Banbury Piranhas - 3 Newbury & Thatcham 5’s - 1 This week saw the Piranhas facing Newbury & Thatcham 5’s. The opposition were relatively unknown to the Piranhas as they were newly promoted into MBBO 7 last year along with their 4th team as well. The Piranhas were fielding a contrasting mix of young and old with most of the team either ... More