Plenty of Spit But No Polish

  • November 24, 2014

MBBO Div 8
Banbury Piranhas 1 Reading Rovers 1

Apart from the first 10 minutes of the first half where the piranhas played like a pilot of beached whales on sticky hot beach – they dominated the half and should have scored a hat full. The young fishes worked hard all afternoon but lacked the finishing touch.

There were sublime passages of play where one touch passes through Matt Allman, Finley McEvoy, Charlie Camp, Adrian Simons and Sam Bracke almost led to the best goal ever scored on a Reading Astro pitch on a Saturday in November at 12.23pm……but the finishing was about as polished as an Essex girl’s accent.

The Piranhas won a series of short corners which Harry Simons, Charlie Camp, and Joe Whinmill were unlucky not to score from as their routine was well executed. One great switch from Camp to Whinmill put him clear but Joe decided on executing a Whinmill Windmill which connected with an unsuspecting passing cloud rather than the relieved little ball.

The deserved Piranha goal wasn’t far behind when Andy Camp found Matt Allman and a superb passing move through McEvoy, Saul Bolton, Thomas Allman and Zach McComb found Adrian Simons who drilled the ball home.

The Piranha defence of Kit Lamb in goal, Joe Whinmill, Andy Camp, Clive Briant and Finley McEvoy had little to do and snuffed every Reading attack out. Frustratingly though they conceded a penalty corner just before half time and Reading buried the ball to draw level.

The second half was about as interesting as a drizzly grey match on a November Saturday afternoon in Reading . Basically the Reading team (all burly blokes) stepped up on the young piranhas giving them no room – but created little in front of the Piranha goal. Briant skidded around resembling Bambi on Acid rather than Bambi on Ice (albeit “ice” so I’m told is a form of drug?). One Briant skid took him 30 yards in the wrong direction, arms outstretched like a “dying swan”, whilst giggling like a manic hyena – sort of unnerving and at the same time graceful and effete. The Piranhas missed more chances and should’ve been more clinical – but we came away with a point which is more than we managed last year against this team.

Next week we have another bruising fixture against Wycombe – the young Piranhas will need to toughen up again.