Piranhas win by Royal Appointment

Windsor 2’s –  1 Banbury Piranhas 2

The Piranhas journey down to Windsor was certainly eventful. Firstly, the travelling convoy had to play their own Banbury version of “Where’s Wally” now known as “Where’s Jamal”. Using only a postcode, the other travelling players, had to locate the Piranhas centre forward somewhere from within a 100 Metre Diameter in a dense Brackley Residential area. If anyone was lucky enough to see the 80’s classic “The Interceptor” which starred a young Annabel Croft (you can still catch it on Challenge TV), please picture Andy Camp in a menacing black leather jump suit roaring round the streets of Brackley in his shiny new Audi getting increasingly more frustrated as Captain Allman led them from street to street with no apparent sign of young Jamal. After a sublime mobile phone triangulation move, Jamal was flushed out and joined the convoy.  Campy’s blood pressure returned to normal and the journey resumed. After the 30 mins Brackley delay, the last thing the Banbury players wanted to see was any more issues, so were not too delighted to find M40 lane closures in place from an overturned lorry. The Sat Nav’s estimated arrival time of 12:35 did not bode well for a 12:30 Push Back time. Having a former High Ranking Civil Servant in the team does has its advantages and reluctantly Andrew called Elizabeth to ensure the roads to Windsor were all cleared and somehow the Piranhas made it to the pitch with a few mins to spare.

The Piranhas started the match strongly and showed more pace and energy than the opposition making early in roads into the Windsor D. A good drive down the right hand side saw Thomas Allman link with Jamal Mourssali and Piranhas newby Ethan Bissett resulting in an snap shot from Jamie sending the Piranhas into an early lead. More strong play by the Banbury forward line from Jai Robinson with good support from full backs Finlay and Adam, created some great openings but the final ball was poor from Banbury who could not capitalise. The high Banbury line and some slack marking did give Windsor some openings who were unlucky not to equalise hitting the post twice.

The Piranhas started the second half strongly and following a sweeping Piranhas move, were two up shortly after the restart with a great strike by Jamal Mourssali into the bottom left hand corner of the Windsor goal. Despite the Piranhas dominance and multiple shots onto the Windsor goal by pretty much the entire Piranhas midfield and forward line, the Piranhas could not secure the third goal that would have put the game to bed. As the game moved into the last 15 minutes, the Banbury nerves kicked in and could not hold onto the ball effectively, handing the impetus to Windsor. Banbury managed to hold onto the 3 points, but not before Windsor had got a goal back, had a flick saved by Piranhas keeper Henry White, and kept out a couple of penalty corners just before the final whistle.

Campy reported the score back to HRH who was not amused that her local side had been turned over by the fishy Banbarians and declared an “Annus Horribilis”. Campy responded that the cream was working and he felt much better…… the phone line for some strange reason went silent……………..