Piranhas Made Honorary Patrons to the The Royal Society for the Protection of Barn Doors

  • January 26, 2015

MBBO Div 8
Piranhas 2 Aylesbury 0

When the piranhas turned up the Aylesbury team were busy finishing building a large barn door in front of their goal with a rather useful sign hanging on it saying “whatever you do – don’t hit this”. And lo the piranhas excelled in obeying that advice.

For the first half the Piranhas pulled Aylesbury all over the park and won a series of short corners and hit a plethora of shots wide of the mark – which in this case was an extra large barn door – not even a standard one. To be fair the young Aylesbury keeper had a great day saving multiple shots from Lee Allen, Adam Hughes, Thomas and Matt Allman, and Andy Clark. There were some great moves between these guys who were fed well by Joe Whinmill, Mervyn Long and Sam Bracke – but the barn door kept moving – hence the lack of goals.

It took some time for Aylesbury to realise that their crafty tactic of hanging a sign on the barn door was working and gained confidence leading to a string of attacks – but it was the piranha defences’ day as captain Camp, Clive “still at the January sales” Briant, Ed Hornby and Joe Whinmill tackled everything. Eventually a classic Piranha pass and move from defence to attack led to a deft slap shot from Adam Hughes to make it 1-0.
Half time arrived the inevitable interlude – we pondered the world of “Barn Doors” and a quick check led to …..

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Salivating ??? We were…….and the rate we were missing the goal perhaps “airplane hangar doors” were more appropriate!!??

Anyway, the Aylesbury team busied themselves dismantling the extra large barn door, carrying it down to the other end, and erecting it this time with a neon sign as it seemed to be working. Captain Camp preached to his team about not appealing to the umpires (a rare and historic moment) and the second half commenced. Within 2 minutes Clive Briant appealed to the umpire – well more like “preached” – as he threw his stick on the ground and walked over with a blackboard and chalk – meanwhile Aylesbury carried on and the Piranha defence had to cope one short whilst Briant debated the finer points of the obstruction rule. Camp gently reminded him there was actually a game going on and he returned to the fray.

Again Briant, Hornby, Camp, and Finley Mcevoy tackled like demons and Kit Lamb in goal scared the oppo attack with some fierce (literally) keeping. Again the midfield of Charlie Camp, Bracke, Clark and “road runner Adam Hughes worked hard to feed the forwards and have a go themselves – The barn door remained intact with not even a scratch until the final minute when Thomas Allman taught the older strikers how to score with a surprisingly aggressive strike from the top of the D which looped over the keeper and into the net – making it 2-0 and at the same time winning the Golden Balls prize.
The whistle blew for the end of the game with the Piranhas relieved they’d bettered a very stout, stubborn and stoic Aylesbury team.

Camp ordered an on line copy of “Barn Door World” for the forward line to peruse on the way home…..Despite that we remain top, 3 points clear, and a game in hand….Next week Sonning and I hope their woodwork and DIY skills are rubbish….