Piranhas Ding more than Dong in a Ding Dong Duel

  • December 1, 2014

MBBO Division 8
Piranhas 5 Wycombe 3

Black Friday had nothing on this scramble for goals but it was the Piranhas who came home with the goods, and, unlike those battling in the Friday Greed Fest, we didn’t need to stamp on frail grannies or punch defenceless pregnant women in the face to win the day (apart from Gary White anyway).

The Piranhas worked hard for the first 20 minutes and the hard work paid off after a great team move through Aiden Edwards, Harry Simons, Charlie Camp, Zach McCoomb and Lee Allen – which Gary White finished off by hammering the ball into the Wycombe net past the keeper’s left ear. Lee Allen was then fed numerous passes on a variety of platters which he managed to squander in an equal variety of ways until he connected with great pass which again was generated through a purple Piranha patch of pass and move hockey – making it 2-0.

Gary White excelled with a series of Scottish Games displays – no not “caber tossing” or “chasing the haggis” ( quite righty banned elsewhere in the world and not to be done at home or in front of the children) – but “back stick ball stopping”, then that old family favourite – arial passing into the opposition’s throat , and that age old Celtic tradition -“bare chested fat bloke wrestling” in midfield.

Wycombe woke up and it was up to Matt Bull, sturdy Tom Tait, Joe Whinmill and Clive Briant to soak up the pressure and deny a series of sustained attacks. Kit Lamb was outstanding in goal dominating the D and excelling in his shot stopping. But just before the break Wycombe scored through a scrambled melee to make it 2-1.

The second half started with Wycombe on the front foot and a quick equaliser. But the Piranhas swarmed over the opposition with some great passing moves and the game seemed in the bag when a sharply executed short corner routine by Harry Simons and Charlie Camp set up Matt Bull for a great drag flick to make it 3-2. Wycombe proved more difficult to put down than a granny with a Tesco wide screen TV on Black Friday, as they came back again to make it 3-3.

The Piranhas didn’t give in and Aiden Edwards, who was dominant in midfield, danced through 4 or 5 Wycombe players (getting straight 10s from Reville-Hall & Co -the “Strictly” panel on the way) all the way from the half way line to score a great individual goal and regain the lead. This gave the Piranhas heart and Joe Whinmill and Adam worked hard down the right wing with the hard working Harry Simons creating many chances. Matt Bull and Tom Tait stepped up and dominated midfield bringing Finley McEvoy, Camp and Thomas Allman into the game down the flanks. This led to a penalty corner which White squeezed over the line to make it 5-3 and seal the win and 3 points.

It was a tough game which the Piranhas on balance deserved to win. Next week the Banbury Piranhas meet the Bracknell Terriers – snappy puns will, no doubt, abound……