Phoenix & Ranelagh fight back to steal points from Ladies 3

  • December 8, 2014

Phoenix & Ranelagh Ladies 2s 4 – 3 Banbury Ladies 3s

This was a rueful loss for Banbury Ladies 3s as 2 quick goals from Siobhan Steele and 1 from Hailey Mitchell had them 3-0 up inside of the first 20 minutes of the game. P&R pressed the game well and slowly worked their way back, reaching 2-3 by half time then 4-3 by the final whistle. Banbury’s poor performance came in yet another week of poor availability which meant another new starting line-up. The newly drafted players turned out a sturdy performance, but ongoing inconstancy within the team has made it difficult for the ladies 3s to gel and play cohesively as a team.

Siobhan Steele 2
Hailey Mitchell 1