Petulant Piranhas in Pole Position

  • January 19, 2015

Piranhas Still Top League with Unique “We’re Not Playing…..So There!” Strategy

The Piranhas retained top slot with 2 games in hand after another highly successful day at home. By “day at home” I mean we didn’t actually get out of our fishy little beds and venture onto a pitch again – and yet our lead remains stubbornly intact.
Captain Camp received a call shortly after their continued league leadership was confirmed from non other than Chelski Manager Jose Mourinho – mainly because we are winning the league, everyone remains without injury, and everyone is fit (well …..depending on the definition of “fit” as Clarky is “as fit as a butcher’s dog”…..but that dog has had several slap up meals the size of Warwickshire with knobs on) and the less we play the more we win….an interesting concept. Jose asked if he could earn lots by doing xxxx all to which the ever so shrewd and observant Camp pointed out he was already doing that thanks to his Russian Sugar Daddy’s oil driven £millions…. Whereas the Piranhas were doing it on a budget smaller than an amoeba’s small bits.
Other “masters of doing bu££er all lined up to congratulate the Piranhas – Sepp Blatter leading from the front,the European Parliament, and the estate agent industry not far behind.
And so we turn to prepare not to play mid table Aylesbury next week – it’s hard work but someone’s got to do – or not do – “it”…….