Olympic Ticket News – Update

I am delighted to announce that the club has managed to secure 40 tickets for the hockey at Olympic Park for an evening session (19:00 – 22:45) on Friday August 3rd.  We will not know who is playing until May 2012 but it is two Men’s Group games.

To help with arrangements the club are already looking at the possibility of providing coach transport from Banbury to the Olympic Park to help ease transport issues.

The committee have decided that 20 of these tickets will be made available to club members on the 1st October 2011 – but only those that have completed their club registration and paid their subs in full (further details on this will follow and will be available at club day) by the 30th September 2011.

Those that have completed the registration process and paid their subs will then be put into a raffle and the first 10 names pulled out will win the opportunity to purchase a pair of tickets on the 3rd August. Please note you are not winning the tickets you are winning to opportunity to purchase them.