Mens Bulletin – please read

  • November 11, 2016

Gentlemen of Banbury Hockey Club,

Over the last 3 weeks the club has been short of players to fill five teams effectively.

The club’s sense is that this is due to:
1. Injury
2. Members choosing which team they wish to play in
3. More general unavailability

The club can achieve the men’s 1’s competing at the top of the South League, A men’s 2nd team promotion, A 3rd team consolidating on last year’s promotion, A 4th and 5th team that develop young players and enjoy their weekend hobby.

This will only happen if members give a little more to the club, players should be selfless and commit to any team for the club just as Jamie Lamb, Morgan Haylor and the likes of Joe Whinmill have already this season.

Below is what we value as a men’s side of Banbury Hockey Club, brought together by our captains.

A Paid Subscription
Being a decent human being.
Being a good clubman.
Being a reliable clubman.
Performance in training.
Performance in matches.
Match Availability.
Training Availability.

What can you do to help?

1. Let captains know in advance, up until Christmas when you are available.
2. Be selfless towards the club with your availability on weekends.

We are in a good position but could be in a better position.

Yours Sincerely,