Mens 1st v Staines – Report

  • November 21, 2011

On the back of Banbury’s worst ever start to a season, this week’s match was a chance for Banbury to kick-start their season and snatch three points against a side which is producing good results against all teams.

Banbury warmed up and started the match in cup final fashion, zipping the ball around with pace and purpose. After 20 minutes of possession and territory it was Banbury to open the scoring, Josh Nunneley flicked the ball high into the net after Adrian Simons was awarded a short corner. This pressure did not let off and Banbury go into half time 1-0 up.

The second half started similarly, with Banbury seemingly on top. For the first time this season Banbury look like winning convincingly. Against the run of play Staines equalised in open play, this goal affected the confidence of the young Banbury side and Staines scored once again to go 2-1 up.

The match somewhat evened out but Banbury were in no way down and out. Banbury were awarded a penalty flick after Tim Craven deflected the ball onto the foot of a Staines defender blatantly denying a goal, this flick was put away with confidence by Adrian Simons.

The final minute of the match was abundant with drama, Banbury were denied a side-line ball after Tyson Nunneley was tackled. This blatant wrong decision leads to Staines dribbling into the ‘D’ and winning a short corner whilst Banbury players stood and watched flabbergasted. The final whistle blew and George Brooker was shown a yellow card for chatting to the umpire, the short corner was converted with the final touch of the game making the final score 3-2 and Banbury leave the field feeling robbed.