Mens 1st v MK – Report

When does a hobby become an obsession? Perhaps it helps to look at difference ends of the spectrum.  James Clement is obsessed with Nandos, he travels 90 minutes every other Sunday to eat there.  Simon West dabbles in Chemistry, he likes to see what fun he can cook up using his Junior Chemistry Set (Ages 7 -12), for him it’s just a hobby, take it or leave it.  George Brooker is moving dangerously close to the obsession end of the scale, one more foam party, one more…..

It’s good to find out the team are taking things seriously this year, on Wednesday Westy admitted he has started doing 50 press up every morning (presumably to change from a stick to a carrot) and Sausage was caught by Laura doing seal slaps in their bedroom one evening last week. Despite MDBs dig that there are several “gym monkeys” in our team, things are moving in the right direction.

We played Milton Keynes on Saturday, it did not go well. The game threw up some interesting questions….

I scored a league goal, sadly it was an own goal therefore I imagine it doesn’t go down as my goal, shame.  It was one of those horror moments when everything slows down and you realise you are about to make a complete prat of yourself.  My mind sort of blanked it for the rest of the game but the memory has been coming back stronger and stronger, I need next Saturday to lay it to rest. In case you are wondering I miss trapped the ball on my reverse stick, then let their forward try and score, then kicked him, stick tackled him, tripped, swivelled and literally kicked the ball past Phil into the bottom right of the goal, magic.

There were some good things, Royden scored again with a great finish. Brooker is playing well, Chud got a vote for MOM. Tom Slay and Stuart showed they are not afraid to take on an entire opposition squad. Oh and we scored a good short corner.

We are trying to sort out next team night out, it’s looking like we will do 29th October (Away Vs OGs) and go out in Richmond-on-Thames and then all stay in Barnes, keep the date free. Also please keep the 19th November free more details to follow.

MOM – George Brooker

DOD – Charlie Murphy’s left foot