Mens 1st v Eastbourne – Report

  • November 16, 2011

What’s the worst moment in your life so far? For me when I dropped a bag full of used cat litter all over my kitchen, hall, living room floor and had to spend an hour in a suit cleaning up is close. So is the time I was sick in a taxi at university and then had to give the driver the rest of my months money and then was sick on my flatmates face. But ultimately hearing Eastbourne’s modest crowd chanting “easy, easy” as they rolled in their fourth goal is the winner.

Safe to say it was not a fun match, but that’s ok, we won’t dwell on it and I got to spend the return journey with Steve O’Connor which will always cheer you up, plus I wasn’t at a Soccer game in London watching Frank Lampard and John Terry so I am cooler than Tim.

Its Frog racing soon, Brooker is an idiot he thought you could do frog racing without a frog, that would just be watching some tracks with nothing on George, how can that be fun. He has seen the error or his ways and we all expect him to turn up with a good specimen on the 3rd, perhaps even a Toad (is that even allowed).

Simon Boardman is getting a puppy with his girlfriend Laura, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is fine, he has a good house, they are clearly in love and he works in a barn so having a dog is not a problem WRONG Laura and him haven’t been together for 2 years yet and when a girl has been with Sausage for 2 years BOOM she goes psycho. I just feel for Matt and Xtina when they have to house Simon and a dog in their box room.

So we must look to the future and I thought one of our team summed it up nicely…..
“Ultimately we will work and fight hard and finish mid table, Hawks will screw up near the end and not get promoted and we can all go to the end of year dinner and enjoy the fact we are significantly better than the girls”