Ladies 4th Team do Banbury Hockey Club proud

‘I am writing to you on behalf of Banbury hockey club to congratulate you all on your behaviour and attitude in your match of Saturday 5th December played at Bloxham school.

One of the most important things to us as a club is how we represent ourselves and each other on and off the pitch. I have heard from many different sources that when faced with an opposition who were not displaying some of the behaviours we think are important, you all responded by showing politeness, tolerance, respect and a focus on playing good hockey.

I personally know how difficult it can be in those situations to uphold your own and your teams values. I am very proud that you managed to and therefore presented Banbury hockey club in such a positive light.

It is fantastic to hear of such a young side behaving like this, I am sure it will benefit you and your team over the coming years as you all develop as players. Congratulations to you, Sammy Bates (who played a key role as on pitch captain), Joyce, your parents and your coaches.

Kindest regards

Charlie Murphy and the playing committee of Banbury hockey club’