Ladies 2’s v Maidenhead – Day of Frustration

  • November 21, 2011

Banbury should have taken all three points in this game after totally dominating the second half ay the NOA Drayton home pitch.

The first half was more closely contested with both teams testing the opposition defences in an end to end attacking game. The Banbury defence of Jenny Nunneley, Laura Dee, Tamsyn Harvey and Juliet Gardener were well organised and effective, intercepting and tackling well and using the possession well to set up some incisive attacking from the midfield and the attack. Tilly Kirwin in goal made some great saves to make sure the team wet in at half time with a clean sheet.

After talking tactics at half time Banbury used the wings more and switched play across the pitch more effectively. Hannah Gordon, Robyn Ledger, Carol Hicks and Megan Moran were far more effective in closing down the opposition and distributing the ball effectively to the forward line or maintaining possession by dropping the ball back to the defensive line for them to switch play.

Laura Dee and Tamsyn Harvey were particularly effective in distributing the ball and setting up wing attacks and Juliet Gardner was outstanding at right back building attacks with Robyn Ledger and Beth Camp down the right of the pitch. Beth Camp, Beth Carter and Charlie Moran constantly stretched the Maidenhead defence with their speed and agility and won a string of short corners that Banbury could not convert.

Maidenhead were only able to break out of their half and into the Banbury D on a couple of occasions and came close to scoring if it wasn’t for the agility of Tilly Kirwin in goal. A point won for Banbury Ladies 2s – but they will feel hard done by as they should have taken the win.