Ladies 2 manage 2nd win over Amersham & Chalfont

  • January 26, 2015

TCL Prem2
Banbury Ladies 2 – 3 Amersham & Chalfont Ladies 2 – 1

On a cold blustery day, ladies 2’s faced Amersham and Chalfont away at a very sandy pitch. Banbury started with an average attempt to pass the ball to our team. After 10-15 mins of play, Amersham put pressure on banbury and forced banbury to defend well. Zoe Young brilliantly intercepted a sloppy Amersham ball and skilfully passed it on to her sister Katie Young who made a speedy drive up the wing and slipped it inside to Charlotte Micallef who did an unstoppable reverse stick hit to the bottom corner.

Banbury had a lapse in concentration and Amersham took a quick break and scored. Georgina Simms and Beth Camp combine well on the left side, supported by Karen Brooker, they pressured Amersham forcing a short corner. Amy Morris took the strike at the top of the D and perfectly slotted the ball in the bottom left corner fooling all the defence and the keeper with power greater than superman. Half whistle went 2-1 up to Banbury.

After a good team talk from captain Morris with great incites from Karen Brooker the team were motivated to kick some more butt. Second half started with some solid defending from Laura Dee-Andrews and Amersham failed to get into Banbury’s D.

Some amazing linking play through the middle with Charlotte Price and Carol Hicks ensured lots of pressure on the Amersham defence. A speedy reaction from Charlotte Dee-Andrews kept the ball out of Banbury’s goal. Wise words and encouragement from Sarah Clinkard kept Banbury motivated and focused leading to the final goal. Karen Brooker picked Charlotte Micallef out early on the top of the D, who passed it to Beth Camp who took it round the defender pulled the goalie off the line, slotting the ball square to Micallef who put the ball in the back of the net. Leaving the final score at 3-1.