Ladies 1 continue unbeaten run to keep promotion hopes alive

  • February 1, 2015

South Division 3a
Banbury Ladies 1 – 4 Sonning Ladies 1 – 1

Banbury Ladies 1’s travelled down south to play Sonning Ladies 1’s. The whistle went and Banbury commenced with some fine play down both flanks of the pitch. There were a series of short corners all of which were denied by the oppositions defence or their keeper. Sonning then upped their game and started applying pressure on the Banbury midfield. A couple of errors in the middle led to Sonning making a few breaks through the midfield. A high press from the opposition led to Banbury losing possession of the ball, which resulted in some chances on goal. At 25 minutes into the game Banbury earned themselves a short corner through Ali Sturla’s work from midfield to the D. A flick from Vic Coombs, which was saved by the first defender running out rebounded out to Becca Demczek who calmly lifted the ball into the net. This goal caused Sonning to realise they needed to get back into the game. A repeated number of attacks were denied but Banbury could not get another goal to further their lead. A short corner against Banbury was deflected by Juliet Gardner on the right post onto the crossbar and back to a Sonning player. Amy Cairns then made diving save to the right denying the attacker. At half time the score was still 1-0.

After a team talk which clearly highlighted that Banbury need to play the ball early, the second half started better. Banbury played the ball early with some great balls from Becca Atkins going into midfield and up to attack. However Sonning still applied pressure and managed to get the ball through to a player into the D. Amy Cairns made a save with a 1 on 1, but with the defence still running back the player managed to flick the ball into the net. 1-1. Play started to get rushed and seemed to be going back and forth from attack to defence. Finally a short corner which Banbury had cleverly won was slotted home by Tash Nunneley. Missing some central players throughout the game saw Charli Price step up into the role and after some hard work, Holly Firkins on the right then made a great pass down the line to Sadie Lapper who hit the ball into the D for Tash to get on the end of. Tash picked the ball up and went around the keeper, spectacularly pushing it into the bottom left hand corner of goal whilst diving on her reverse stick. What a goal, which was earned through some great runs up front. Banbury were now starting to dominate the game and had more opportunities. The Sonning coach started to get irritated at some umpiring decisions, and whilst he entered the red zone, Banbury stayed blue. Then a great piece of play led to Meg Moran receiving a lifted ball hit in from Sadie, and smashed it into the net of a half volley, flying past the keeper. Finally the game ended with a defensive corner to play out with the Sonning player drag flicking the ball which keeper Amy saved.