Disappointing single point for Banbury L1’s

  • November 24, 2014

South Div 3a
Banbury L1 – 2 Wycombe L1 – 2

Banbury started the game well with some lovely outletting through the back, leading to some excellent chances up front. We maintained this cool calm play for the first 15 minutes and refused Wycombe any chances up front. Our moment then came from an interception made by Vic Coombs. She then played a lovely weighted ball down the line for Sadie Lapper to pick up and take into the D to score despite being fouled by the keeper! Wycombe came back strong from this, forcing Banbury to make mistakes and allow the opposition to have chances in the D. However the back stayed strong and kept out many chances on goal. This strength in the back led to many turnovers, allowing Banbury to quickly run ahead and stretch the pitch. Some great diagonal runs lead to our second goal; a slip to Meg Moran (Happy 18th!!) who then after some resilient defending and goalkeeping from Wycombe managed to slot the ball passed the goalkeeper and into the net.

Banbury had many more opportunities to get a greater lead in the first half but unfortunately allowed Wycombe to have some too. The score remained at 2-0 to Banbury at half time.

We agreed that the team needed to work harder for each other going into the second half. Sadie Lapper led by example intercepting any weak passes and constantly pressuring Wycombe’s defence. This lead to many turnovers allowing Banbury to create many more chances to score. Wycombe’s defence stayed strong and kept out many efforts on goal. Again Wycombe attacked determinedly and gained many short corners as a result. The defensive unit remained unfazed and constantly pressured their striker to slip the ball. However Wycombe’s time came after a foot in the D led to a short corner. Their striker hit the ball powerfully to the left hand corner of the goal, centimetres away from hitting the net. This shot curved over the goalkeeper and post player and gave Wycombe the lift they wanted. Banbury had many more opportunities to gain a further lead: a penalty stroke, a straight strike on goal and a foot when there was an open goal. If capitalised on Banbury could have walked home with a comfortable 3 points.

Banbury started to get impatient and a few words with the umpire almost meant Ali Sturla (Also Birthday girl, not quite her 18th though!!) was sent off the pitch. Wycombe remained in the blue zone whilst Banbury were side-tracked and with less than 5 minutes to go gained a penalty stroke for a foot on the line, which was slotted hard into the left hand corner. Banbury tried to fight back, but it was too little to late. The final whistle went with a defensive short corner to play out, which was denied by the Banbury goalkeeper.