Disappointing Result for Ladies 3

  • November 24, 2014

Wychwood Ladies 1s 2 v 1 Banbury Ladies 3s

This was a disappointing result following Banbury previous 4 weeks of success. Wychwood took control of the game early on with a goal inside of the opening 10 minutes. Banbury kept their share of possession but were unable to strike back, however a few minutes before half time Wychwood’s umpire awarded them a controversial penalty corner which they converted with an expert deflection. Banbury finally engaged with a level of gusto that had been missing from the rest of the game and scored halfway through the second half, as a penalty corner shot spilled off the keeper to Siobhan Steele who slotted home for Banbury’s conciliation goal. BHC continued to pile on the pressure but were unable to get the equaliser and were dismayed when in the final seconds a penalty corner decision was not called in favour of advantage which never gave Banbury the time to break into the D as the final whistle was blown.

BHC Goal scorer
Siobhan Steele