Club kit update

  • September 12, 2014

For the 2014/15 Season the club has decided to go with a new kit supplier, Onhand Sports. The new kit will be almost identical to the Zoti kit so there is no need to panic if you have just purchased a new playing shirt. There are still a number of items of Zoti kit that the club has in stock which will continue to be sold, with items that are no longer in stock being replaced with kit from Onhand.

There will be a stall at the Club Fun Day (14/9/14)  for members to purchase kit that is in stock and preorder any new items ready for the 2014/15 season.  After Club day all kit including the remaining Zoti kill will be transferred to Onhand and be available for purchase either from Hawkes Sports shop on Parson Street Banbury or from their website ( which can be access via the shop section on the club website.

The new playing kit will be available on pre-order from club day and will arrive at the end of September ready for the start of the season. These items include: Playing Shirts, Skorts, Shorts, Socks and training t-shirts. This kit will be on be on a first come first served basis so please get your orders in early to avoid disappointment.

Additional kit including Hoodies, Tracksuit Trousers and junior shirts are also available for pre-order and will arrive 6 weeks after the playing kit, the deadline for pre-ordering is 26th September.

We appreciate that having to pre-order kit is not ideal however, as this is the first season with new suppliers we need to ensure that we order an appropriate amount of kit to meet the clubs demands. Once the initial orders have been completed and we have an idea of the levels of stock required, Hawkes Sports will aim to keep a more thorough level of our kit meaning members can pop in to the shop when is convenient to them.

We have chosen to use OnHand due to their location and pricing points. Ultimately we know there are higher quality items out there, but these come at a significant extra cost. Likewise, there are companies who can produce bespoke kit, with the latest designs and fabrics. The level of organisation needed to make this work is excessive and can very quickly turn your club into a mess as players become unable/unwilling to update their kit on a yearly basis

This is a positive step forward for the club, moving away from Zoti who are only able to deliver in large bulk. By working with a local supplier, we hope to allow members to easily purchase kit as when they need.  There are likely to be issues in the first few months, as there are in any new initiative, please bear with us if something is not quite with us and do please raise any issues with the committee.