Ladies 1 hit Teddington for six

South Divsion 3a Banbury Ladies 1 - 6 Teddington Ladies 2 - 0 With extensive pressure from the start Banbury sort to crack a resolute Teddington defense. It took some good attacks and a great run from Vicky Coombs and a neat flick to Lyndsey White to finish with style and panache. Teddington immediately fought ... More

Banbury M4’s create chances

Banbury 1 Oxford 0 A vigorous start from Banbury posed all sorts of problems for Oxford, right from the push back. Mervyn Long intercepted in midfield setting off the first move, a combination of passes down the left involving Gareth Thomas, Mike Robinson and Lee Allen. Early chances fell to Allen, Robinson and ... More

Disappointing Result for Ladies 3

Wychwood Ladies 1s 2 v 1 Banbury Ladies 3s This was a disappointing result following Banbury previous 4 weeks of success. Wychwood took control of the game early on with a goal inside of the opening 10 minutes. Banbury kept their share of possession but were unable to strike back, however a few minutes before half ... More

Get your kit from Hawkes Sports at Training this week

Our kit suppliers Hawkes Sports will be at training this week so that you can all try on and buy kit. They will be setting up before the sessions start so that you can try stuff on etc without overlapping with training. More

Plenty of Spit But No Polish

MBBO Div 8 Banbury Piranhas 1 Reading Rovers 1 Apart from the first 10 minutes of the first half where the piranhas played like a pilot of beached whales on sticky hot beach - they dominated the half and should have scored a hat full. The young fishes worked hard all afternoon but lacked the finishing touch. There ... More

Disappointing loss for Ladies 2

TCL Prem 2 Banbury L2 - 2 Wycombe L3 - 3 Banbury Ladies travelled to High Wycombe on a rainy and miserable day with a mind set to play a positive match. With only 11 players and within those 11 players the team had one injured player, one ill player and one overly tired player Banbury knew they would have to perform to ... More

Disappointing single point for Banbury L1’s

South Div 3a Banbury L1 - 2 Wycombe L1 - 2 Banbury started the game well with some lovely outletting through the back, leading to some excellent chances up front. We maintained this cool calm play for the first 15 minutes and refused Wycombe any chances up front. Our moment then came from an interception made by Vic ... More

Umpiring Masterclass Overseas Purring Piranha Win

Banbury Piranhas 2 Oxford 0 As the weekend was free of internationals Banbury had the luxury of flying in the model umpire - Andy Camp. His honoured partner, Mark Cummings, did admit that Captain Camp often had an insightful opinion on umpiring whilst on the pitch and so he was looking forward to being part of a fine ... More

Banbury Ladies 4s record first win of the season

Banbury Ladies 4s – 1 (Evelyn Wealsby) South Bucks Ladies 2s – 0 After several encouraging performances this season, which have ended without reward, Banbury finally recorded their first win. Banbury started the game positively putting pressure on the South Bucks defence from the start, resulting in the award of ... More

Banbury M4 grind out another away win

An away match in November, and the Mens 4’s had to select a team! Banbury Mens 4’d took a trip across to Coopers school to meet Bicester. They came back with far fewer practice balls than they went with, indicating Grant Rousseau was back in the side! Once the game was under way, Banbury started business ... More