Piranha Non Playing Strategy Pays Dividends

Always one to embrace novel and ground breaking strategies Captain Camp again decided not to play again this week – and it paid off in several ways: The Piranhas stay top of the league with 2 games in hand The Bambi Twins didn’t hurt their little limbs Thumper Whinmill didn’t crash a ball into anyone Gary ... More


The pitch is frozen and pitch temperature is still below 0°C. Forecast suggests 3°C late afternoon and not likely to thaw to be able to play. More

Last Training Sessions for 2014

This week is the last week for training in 2014 ending with Sunday Juniors on 14th December. Training will restart as normal w/c 5th January 2015 More

Phoenix & Ranelagh fight back to steal points from Ladies 3

Phoenix & Ranelagh Ladies 2s 4 – 3 Banbury Ladies 3s This was a rueful loss for Banbury Ladies 3s as 2 quick goals from Siobhan Steele and 1 from Hailey Mitchell had them 3-0 up inside of the first 20 minutes of the game. P&R pressed the game well and slowly worked their way back, reaching 2-3 by half time then 4-3 ... More

Banbury Junior Hockey Festival a great success

On Sunday 7th December, Banbury hosted its second festival at NOA. We saw a wealth of talent from across the county, with all teams having a thoroughly enjoyable experience thanks to the organisation of the event, the weather and of course the many hockey matches played. There were 28 teams in attendance and we saw ... More

If You Like James Cracknell – You’ll Love Bracknell !!

Piranhas Have “Bambi on Ice Event” Cancelled The Piranhas missed out on a pre-Christmas treat to the Lapland extravaganza event of the year that is Bracknell in December - as a result of icy weather. But somehow without playing a game and with one game in hand – The Piranhas find themselves atop the league above ... More


The pitch is frozen and pitch temperature is still below 0°C. Forecast suggests 3°C late afternoon and not likely to thaw to be able to play. More

Mens 4 dominate Abingdon

MBBO Divsion 10 Abingdon 1 Banbury 4 Despite having 5 subs, and constant fresh legs, Abingdon were constantly on the back foot, due to the high work rate of the Banbury team. Consistent harassment when in possession, from the midfield from the start, made Abingdon nervy and unsettled on the ball. The usual high work ... More

Piranhas Ding more than Dong in a Ding Dong Duel

MBBO Division 8 Piranhas 5 Wycombe 3 Black Friday had nothing on this scramble for goals but it was the Piranhas who came home with the goods, and, unlike those battling in the Friday Greed Fest, we didn't need to stamp on frail grannies or punch defenceless pregnant women in the face to win the day (apart from Gary ... More

Banbury 2s restore winning streak with a 8-1 victory over Reading

TCL Prem 2 Banbury Ladies 2 - 8 Reading Ladies 1a - 1 Reading immediately put Banbury under pressure from the off, confidently moving the ball around swiftly and creating opportunities. Paige Davis kept the Banbury defence together and kept Reading out. A slip in concentration meant that Banbury conceded a goal ... More