Ladies 1 continue unbeaten run to keep promotion hopes alive

South Division 3a Banbury Ladies 1 - 4 Sonning Ladies 1 - 1 Banbury Ladies 1’s travelled down south to play Sonning Ladies 1’s. The whistle went and Banbury commenced with some fine play down both flanks of the pitch. There were a series of short corners all of which were denied by the oppositions defence or their ... More

Piranhas Made Honorary Patrons to the The Royal Society for the Protection of Barn Doors

MBBO Div 8 Piranhas 2 Aylesbury 0 When the piranhas turned up the Aylesbury team were busy finishing building a large barn door in front of their goal with a rather useful sign hanging on it saying "whatever you do - don't hit this". And lo the piranhas excelled in obeying that advice. For the first half the ... More

Phantom Feet and un checked Momentum

MBBO Div 10 Aylesbury 5ths 0 Banbury 4ths 0 After scraping a significant layer of ice from the windscreen for the early morning drive down to Aylesbury, there was a suspicion that this was going to be yet another hockey free weekend for the men's 4ths. The last game played was back in 2014! However the bright ... More

Ladies 3 pull out an inspired performance against Milton Keynes

Banbury Ladies 3s 6 v 0 Milton Keynes Ladies 3s Finally … a win … Following a run of bad form, seeing Banbury Ladies 3s picking up just 1 point from the last 6 matches, BHC were left on the brink of dropping in to the relegation zone. However this week they pulled out an inspired performance against Milton Keynes, ... More

Ladies 2 manage 2nd win over Amersham & Chalfont

TCL Prem2 Banbury Ladies 2 - 3 Amersham & Chalfont Ladies 2 - 1 On a cold blustery day, ladies 2's faced Amersham and Chalfont away at a very sandy pitch. Banbury started with an average attempt to pass the ball to our team. After 10-15 mins of play, Amersham put pressure on banbury and forced banbury to defend ... More

Ladies 1 in dominant performance against Wallingford

South Division 3a Banbury Ladies 1st – 8 Wallingford Ladies 1sts - 1 The day had a hectic start to this home fixture due to the weather and a last minute pitch change. Despite this the ladies impressed with a dominant display over Wallingford Ladies 1sts. Banbury started strong and took an early lead when Natasha ... More

Ladies 1 bring home the points to keep promotion hopes alive.

South Div 3a Banbury ladies 1st - 4 Hampstead and Westminster 2nds - 2 Banbury travelled to London on Sunday for a double header against tricky team Hampstead and Westminster 2nd team. Hampstead have had some good results this season and always prove tough and physical opponents. The ladies started the game well ... More

Ladies 1 bounce back with a win over MK

South Div 3a Ladies 1st - 4 Milton Keynes - 1 Banbury ladies travelled to Milton Keynes on a very chilly and icy morning. The girls were ready and pumped for the game following a disappointing draw last Saturday against West Hampstead. With coach Stuart Armstrong reminding the girls about their team goals and ... More

“Bitumen Babes” of Bracknell Tempt Piranhas

MBBO Division 8 Piranhas 3 Bracknell Terriers 1 Well it's the start of the New Year - it's the first hockey Saturday - so we must be playing away in Bracknell AGAIN....and, as luck would have it we were playing Bracknell Terriers at Bracknell HC in Bracknell at Bracknell's Birch Hill Centre. Incredible as it may seem ... More

Ladies 2 start 2015 with a win over Newbury

TCL Prem 2 Banbury Ladies 2s -3 v Newbury & Thatcham 1s -2 It was a cold blustery day when Newbury & Thatcham came to visit Banbury. Banbury 2s were feeling refreshed (if a little rusty!!) after the Christmas break. Banbury knew they were in for a hard match after they lost 6-0 when they last met, a good team talk at ... More