Can a Refresh Button RSI Secure Promotion for BHC?

Wychwood Ladies 1s 1 v 3 Banbury Ladies 3s, but that’s not all folks…

Cokethorpe School, Witney, 19th March 2016


Final match day was a big one for BHC Ladies 3s, only a 3 point win for them and a loss from Hawks would give Banbury the 2nd place promotional spot.  With Hawks playing so well this was always a big ask so all Banbury could do was concentrate on picking up a win in the final match and then keep their fingers firmly crossed…

Banbury were a little slow to get in to the game, but were settled when Charlotte Micallef played in Hailey Mitchell creating their first goal (a cheeky reverse stick flick past the left post).  A second goal came as Micallef carved her way through 3 players before setting up Sophie Hills for a shot on goal.  This propelled Banbury in to a 2 nil lead.  However they remained a tad scrappy, very much forced by the work ethic of Wychwood closing Banbury down quickly in whatever way they could.

The second half saw opportunities at both ends, but it was Wychwood who created the third goal from a short corner.  Further pressure from Wychwood had Banbury nervous until captain Becky Kirwan-Lee showed her steel and picked up the pace for Banbury.  Banbury had had a few short corners which they had been unable to convert, but in the last few minutes the mighty Mrs & Mrs Kirwan-Lee combo struck again. Although a switch had been planned, Becky K-Lee spotted a gap in the Wychwood short corner defence and battered an almighty strike to the far post which, despite an attempted stick stop and hitting a foot, still had the power to see it over the line securing the 3 points for Banbury.

A great way to finish the season.  A guaranteed minimum 3rd place… but what of Hawks? Their match pushed back at 11am, just 30 minutes after the Banbury Wychwood game, so the result could come through at any time.  Everyone was on the webpage desperate to find the result – anything but a win for Reading would mean that Hawks would hold their second place spot.  BHC Ladies 3s needed a Reading victory. Refresh on the phones and tablets, but still no update on the result.  Refresh, refresh, refresh.  Still nothing.  The longer it went on the more certain Banbury became that there was no way this result was going to go their way.  Refresh, refresh and refresh some more.  Still nothing.  Then eventually at 3.30 in the afternoon, there it was – Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s 0 – 3 Reading Ladies 3As.  Reading had done it, or more to the point Banbury had done it.  Banbury had secured the second placed promotion spot.

Congratulations BHC Ladies 3s for a hard fought season and for never giving up on chasing the final promotion spot – Next year league division 1, the highest we have ever been in. Uh-Oh!!!


BHC Goal Scorers: Hailey Mitchell, Sophie Hills and Becky Kirwan-Lee

Man of the Match: Captain Becky Kirwan-Lee


Siobhan Kirwan-Lee