Camp Gifted with 5 Goals and 3 points in Recognition of Services to Humanity

  • November 3, 2014

Piranhas 5 Thame 0

In a ceremony reminiscent of the Nobel Peace Awards, Thame Hockey Club donated 5 goals and sacrificed 3 of their precious  points to Captain Camp.

The annals of history will bear witness to this as the call came through at 0930 Saturday morning on the 1st day of November 2014 and which left both Queen and Prime Minister squabbling in a rather demeaning fashion over who was to be the first to send their warm congratulations. Hero Sepp Blatter wasn’t far behind in associating himself with his new found idol.

Camp’s response was typically self effacing and demur, and fighting back the tears – he graciously stated that he only took the walkover as he felt it was in the best interest of the poor and afflicted of Banbury and that all recognition and acclaim ought to be shared between the team with the exception of Ross Gilkes, Matt Allman, Ed Hornby, Finley McEvoy, Joe Whinmilll, Adrian Simons, Harry Simons, Charlie Camp (regrettably), Gary White, Sam Bracke, Mervyn Long, Thomas Allman and Lee Allen…….

So the Piranhas stay top unbeaten, and Captain Camp joins the likes of Kim il Jong and Sepp Blatter in the globally famous Directorate of International Culture, Knowledge & Sportsmanship (DICKS for short)……