Banbury Ladies 1st – South Division 3A League Champions

  • March 23, 2015

Banbury Ladies 1st finished the season in poll position which leads to promotion to South Division 2. Banbury has had a solid season, with a new arrivals of Sam Humphreys and Becca Demzcak and the coming of age of juniors Paige Davis, Juliet Gardner, Becca Atkins and Megan Moran the team has gone from strength to strength. The ladies only lost two games all season, they managed to score 106 goals and scored 52 points beating Witney’s score of 50.

The ladies have really gelled together this season and have produced some excellent hockey over the course of the year, notable victories over Witney both at home and away were the highlights of the season. The ladies have managed to work on their psychological strength and this has been a key focus for the season, the team have overcome problems of losing composure and have played some of their best hockey whilst under considerable pressure in tough matches.

The ladies will look forward to a much tougher fixture list next season to really challenge them and help them to continue to build for the future.